Leave the city and join us for a hike in the mountains

Guided hiking in the Austrian Mountains with pick-up/drop-off in Vienna


Do you want to explore the breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Alps, but you only have a short time to do it?

A one day excursion with an experienced hiking guide will allow you to enjoy hiking in eastern part of the Austria Alps in  Lower Austria and Upper Styria without lodging, returning to Vienna in the evening.

No matter whether you are just on a sightseeing or business trip to Vienna or you are permanently located in Vienna, just contact me to check my availability and discuss specific details. I am happy to arrange private trips that meet individual group preferences and needs. If you are looking for a multiday hut to hut trekking, have a look at the offered public tours or contact me for a customized multiday private trip.

No experience necessary and only 90 minutes away from Vienna.

There are various ways to experience a destination but none is as intimate and rewarding as taking the time to enjoy your vacation destination on foot. Hiking in Austria will get you close to nature and allow you to get to know the people and the wonderful traditions in Austria.

Schneeberg, Rax and Wechsel are only a few examples of the available destinations in Lower Austria and Upper Styria. With some of their peaks higher than 2000 meters, they offer stunning views in good weather.

Experience a different world next to the city of Vienna. The landscape is still intact and has remained its beauty, originality and diversity. Each region has its own appearance and specialities – idyllic valleys, Pannonian, central European and alpine highlands with a small part of the high mountains, on the east margins of the Alps.

Season: April/Mai to end of November

Departure: Monday to Saturday

Walking time: Between 4 and 7 hours

Height gain/loss: between 600 and 1500 m

Level of fitness: from easy to strenious

Difficulty: Usually tours don´t need a lot of hiking experience but a reasonable level of fitness to enjoy it; customized tours can be arranged for every level of experience and fitness and can include the use of cable cars to make even the higher peaks more accessable for groups with children or people who want to take a more relaxed approach.

Price for a Customzed Trip: € 270 per day for a Group of up to 6 including Pick-up/Drop-off from Vienna

 Price for a Scheduled Trip: from € 45 per Person:


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Next Scheduled Trips:

In case you prefer joining us on one of our customized trips, have a closer look on the following trip schedule.

May 20
Day Hike Viennese Alps
65 EUR
May 27Raxalpe Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:30am
June 3Schneeberg Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:00am
June 9 - June 10Schneeberg CrossingHiking110 EUR7:30am
June 24Raxalpe Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:30am
July 9Schneeberg Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:00am
July 16Day Hike Viennese AlpsHiking65 EUR7:00am
July 20 - July 22Gesäuse 2 SummitsHiking160 EUR7:30am
July 28Raxalpe Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:30am
August 5Schneeberg Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:00am
August 11 - August 12Hochschwab CrossingHiking110 EUR7:00am
August 18Raxalpe Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:30am
August 26Schneeberg Summit TourHiking65 EUR7:00am
September 14 - September 17Trekking Via Sacra MariazellTrekking210 EUR7:30am

Examples of  typical day tours:


Schneealpe “light”:

A tour for the whole family with a nice summit (Windberg 1903 m) over wide trails and meadows to the highest point of the Schneealpe, where we can enjoy a spectacular view over the Eastern Alps.

Walking time: 4 to 5 hours

Height gain/loss: 650 m

Fitness level: Easy

To the summit of Raxalpe:

We start at the Preiner Gscheid (1070 m) on the Boarder between Lower Austria and Styria, hike up to Karl-Ludwig-Haus (1804 m) und then to the highest point, the Heukuppe (2007 m).

There are various trails up and down between which we can choose depending on the weather and the group.

Walking time: 5 1/2 to 7 hours

Height gain/loss: 950 to 1100 m

Fitness level: Medium/Good


From Höllental (“Hell Valley”) to the top of Schneeberg:

Very long tour (8 hours) with a height gain/loss of 1500 m. As a day-trip only for hikers with excellent level of fitness.
Nice tour where we climb through a variety of climate zones to the top of Lower Austria (2075 m).
As a two-day tour, for a more relaxed adventure, we can sleep in the Fischerhütte close to the top.


You can also choose from a variety of other one day hikes for Schneealpe, Rax and Schneeberg plus other mountains, like Hochlantsch, Veitsch, all within easy reach from Vienna and accessible on hiking trails.